Ready to join our way of thinking and save the planet with fashion? Recycle your clothes here!

We throw away 30 kg clothes each year! 85% of this ends up in landfills and is just becoming trash. Why wouldn’t we make something beautiful of it? We want to give you the opportunity to turn the clothing you don’t wear anymore into something beautifully new. And we are going to do that for you! Many of our excisting designs can be re-made out of your old garments! Isn’t that amazing? Next to that, we also make custom-made designs out of your old garments, just for you! For example, we can make you a jacket out of your old jeans, brand new and specially designed for you. Just leave us a message here and we take you into the process of recycling. With our concept, everybody is able to recycle their own clothes into something new!

All our vintage and re-worked vintage items are hand-picked by our specialized team. They only pick authentic, vintage items in high quality, ready to be loved again. We search for unique pieces that complete your look! Searching for a specific item? Leave us a message here!